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The halo games are the best of the best. This web-site is for halo fans only, if your not a halo fan get out; haha just kidding. Alright people I know you know that Halo Reach just came out and over half the world has it. Halo reach is the last halo game Bungie is going to make but thats ok because in halo reach you can do campaign, forge, firefight, and matchmaking. These things are all you need in a halo game. As you know halo reach came out with new games and vehicles; and more creatures but is that going to stop you from beating this game? If you have this game then you may know that people are sending things that will get you an achievement for the 1 million points in like 10 to 30 minutes, do it because its worth it. Lets talk about the armour abilities, we have the jet pack, bubble shield, sprint, armor lock, active camo, hologram, and evade. you can use all these in anything. In firefight you can make yourself invulnerable.

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